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on Friday 17 October 2014
6.30 - 8.30
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Scientific Meeting

1 October 2014

To be held at 8.00 for 8.15pm

Ernest Jones Room

‘Ferenczi-Klein in the BPAS – a modern dialogue’ 

Isabel Hernandez-Halton and Ken Robinson

will give two papers on the theme

Chairs:  Jonathan Sklar, Judit Szekacs



Isabel Hernandez-Halton’s aim is to revisit Ferenczi’s Clinical Diary to investigate the influence he had on Mrs. Klein’s work. Insufficient recognition has been given to Ferenczi’s contribution to Klein’s body of work and her professional development. Her analysis with Ferenczi lasted five years, a relatively long analysis for the period.


Ferenczi’s influence is examined in three particular areas: the importance of raw and early emotion in the maternal bond, the importance of freedom and authenticity in the analytic relationship and finally, the use of transference and countertransference feelings. Ferenczi’s ill-fated experiment with mutual analysis will be discussed as it opened up a route to explore the analytic relationship, with important consequences for the future development of Psychoanalysis.


Ken Robinson will speak on the complexity of the BPAS's attitude towards Ferenczi. He sketches Ferenczi’s early influence and reception, within and without the Society, and then examines the Society’s more problematic relation to his later work as he increasingly challenged orthodoxy.  The tendency to ablate his later thinking stems from fear that he was straying from the ‘true analytic path’ – his “Confusion of Tongues” paper is a case in point.  The central axes of difference between his and contrasting clinical approaches is examined showing that they hinge on competing conceptions of the analytic couple.  Finally Michael Balint’s work, carrying forward Ferenczi’s, is described as meeting a similar fate.


Fellows, Members and Candidates welcome


Hsueh-Mei Fan

Hon. Secretary 

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