Ferenczi–Jones Correspondence

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Sandor Ferenczi – Ernest Jones:

Letters 1911–1933


Edited by
Ferenc Erős, Judit Szekacs-Weisz and Ken Robinson


The Ferenczi-Jones correspondence presented is an important document of the early history of psychoanalysis. It spans more than two decades and addresses many of the relevant issues of the psychoanalytic movement between 1911–1933, such as Freud's relation to Stekel, Adler and Jung; the First World War, the debates of the 1920s regarding the theoretical and technical ideas of Rank and Ferenczi; problems of leadership, structure, and finding a centre for the psychoanalytical movement; as well as issues related to telepathy and lay analysis.

It includes thirty-seven letters and six postcards, as well as original documents waiting to be found for eight decades: these belong to the 'private', personal history of psychoanalysis and help to decode diverse aspects of the experience preserved in these documentary memories of former generations. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this correspondence is how it allows us to build up a far more nuanced picture of the development of an extraordinary relationship between Ferenczi and Jones. It could hardly be termed harmonious, and was not devoid of rivalry and jealousy, sometimes even of hidden passion and outright hostility. Nevertheless, friendship, sympathy, collegiality and readiness for cooperation were just as important for Ferenczi and Jones as rivalry, mistrust and suspicion.

This volume celebrates the 100th anniversary of the foundation in 1913 of both the British and the Hungarian Psychoanalytical Societies.

Book Review: Sandor Ferenczi–Ernest Jones: Letters 1911–1933 by Jonathan Sklar. Internatioan Journal of Psychoanalysis (2015).

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