Ferenczi and His World, Ferenczi for Our Time

A Karnac (London) kiadásában a "Ferenczi and His World" c. tanulmánykötet után megjelent a "Ferenczi for Our Time" c. kötet is.





Edited by
Judit Szekacs-Weisz
and Tom Keve

A tanulmány-kötetet 2012. szeptember 29-én mutatták be a londoni Freud Múzeumban.

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Ferenczi for Our Time presents contributions from British, French, American and Hungarian analysts of the second, third and even fourth generation, who deal with different dimensions of experiencing the external and internal world. These papers explore linkages between Ferenczi and the works of Winnicott, Klein, Alice, Michael and Enid Balint, the British Independents as well, as French analytical thought related to Dolto and beyond. The reader will also become acquainted with original documents of a revived Hungarian psychoanalytical world and new voices of Budapest. ‘The Balints’ chapter invites the reader to listen to colleagues sharing memories, recollections and images - allowing a personal glimpse into the life and professional-human environment of these extraordinary personalities.

The topics discussed here are wide ranging: possibilities and impossibilities of elaborating social and individual traumata, child analysis and development, body-and-mind and clinical aspects of working with psychosomatic diseases. Functions and dysfunctions of societal and individual memory are explored as signifying ‘blinded’ spots in our vision of external and psychic reality as well as the vicissitudes of generational transmission of trauma. The scope of these papers covers methodology, theory and clinical practice.

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This volume honours Sandor Ferenczi, a central character in the birth of psychoanalysis, whose warm and passionate personality, ideas, and teachings permeate his world and his work, shaping psychoanalytical thinking of generations.


‘This book is much more than a reader on Sandor Ferenczi or about his contributions; in fact, it opens us to the world around this great pioneer of psychoanalysis, showing his cultural environment, associated memories, and the literary works inspired by him. In it we learn about Ferenczi’s relationships with other leading psychoanalysts like Melanie Klein, Imre Hermann, and Michael Balint. We discover Ferenczi’s innovative ideas as encountered in contemporary writings. This volume offers a multitude of stimulations: it is a rich anthology that leads us into a deep psychoanalytic world; reminds us of some forgotten points of view; and opens seminal new vistas. Once you begin to read, you cannot put this book aside.’

– Andre Haynal, MD, Emeritus and Honorary Professor, University of Geneva


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